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Embroidery software Digitizer EX Junior V5.0
Create without any limit!

With the new Digitizer EX Junior V5.0, discover new features which allow you to go further your creations!

You will access to innovative embroidery textures with surprising effects.

New platform/new style interface
Software starts up faster
Automatic Update
Show/hide toolbars
Multiple undos/redos
Create new designs
Display hoops
Display grids and guides – Displaying the grid
Display measurements
Save designs
Read and Write designs in .EMB format
Read .ART format
View the whole design
Zoom and pan
Visualize design stitchout
Show design needle points and connectors
Show/hide selected objects
Show objects by color
Show stitch sequence
View design information
Preview design printout
Viewing and hiding images
Viewing and hiding stitches
View hooping sequence
New Slow Redraw with True View – Stitch Players
Select all objects in a design
Select individual objects
Select groups of objects
Select objects by color
Select objects with Resequence dialog

Set grid spacing
Change hoops
Center hoops
Rotate hoops
Send designs with an MA Hoop
Change backgrounds
Send designs with Giga hoop
Layout (up to 3m x 3m)

Stitch Types
Satin fills
Tatami fills
Embossed fills
Single Run
Triple Run
Satin Line
Calligraphy Stitching (Satin) Outlines
Embroidery Stamps and Motifs
Auto-layout (corners, center)
Thread Colors
Recolor selected objects
Recolor designs
Set up thread charts
Select Color from My Threads
Improved easier Design recloring
Digitizing with Backdrops
Insert bitmap and vector images
Scan artwork
Copy and paste images
Automatic Digitizing
Match palette colors to an image
Digitize fills with Click-to-Fill (with and without
Digitize lines with Click-to-Centreline
Digitize images automatically with Click-to-Design
Modifying Designs
Copy and paste objects
Duplicate objects – with/without offsets
Delete object
Combine designs
Resequence embroidery objects by color
Lock, unlock, hide, unhide, group and ungroup
Scale objects/designs
Rotate objects/designs
Skew objects/designs
Flip objects/designs
Copy to work area corners
Move to Centre Tool
Object Details and Templates
Change details of selected objects (stitch types)
Stitch Quality
Change underlays
Adjust Zigzag underlay settings
Adjust Tatami underlay settings
Change fabric settings
Automatic jump thread trimming

Embroidery Lettering
Create lettering on-screen
Make slant lettering
Create lettering with the Object properties
Create horizontal orientations
Create vertical orientations
Create circular orientations
Edit lettering objects
Scale lettering
Transform lettering objects
Adjust orientations
Apply different stitch types to lettering objects
Add special characters
2 Japanese and Thai alphabets
Improved lettering user interface
Printing Designs
Preview printouts
Set print options
Print embroidery elements
Print appliqué patterns
Print color layers
Reading and Writing Design Files
Save designs for machine
Send and write designs
Send designs to machine
Write designs to Flash Memory reader/writer
Design Management
Copy and paste designs
Cut and paste designs
Rename designs in folders
Delete designs
25 Fonts (Embroidery Alphabets)
161 designs
6 images
6 bitmap
7 projects
9 tutorial Videos (via online documentation

Fits with these machines :
eXpressive 970
eXpressive 920
eXpressive 900
eXpressive 860
eXpressive 820
eXpressive 830

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