Speedypress 100HD Heavy Duty Steam Ironing Press 101CM



Product Description

30 times the size of a regular iron! Plate size: 40 / 101cm x 30cm. 2,600watt of power. Fast heating time of 2.5 minutes.
Built for long-term heavy use. Can be used as a total dry press or with automatic steam. When pressing down, it’s equivalent to 46kg of pressure (or 23g per cubic metre). Steam function: Powerful steam output of 90g per minute, and a booster steam output of 120g per minute, without any water dripping. Easy to carry and store. Waterproof and washable cover.
Strong burst of automatic steam: Fast heat-up time. Can steam within 2.5 minutes of being switched on. Powerful steam output; almost no water will be sprayed out besides for steam. As you press the handle down to a half-closed position, it emits steam automatically.
Digital control and display: Electronic control for precise ironing temperature. Temperature range from 60°c – 180°c  (approx.).
Heating tube / elements: Even distribution of heat. Intensive pressure to fix heating tube in order. The heating tube stays straight after long-term heating.
Opening angle: A huge opening angle means there is ample space for bulky fabrics and large items like double sheets etc. It also helps prevent the user from getting hurt whilst operating it.
Safety: Automatic cut-off after 15 seconds in a closed position. Automatic cut-off after sitting idle for 15 minutes. Overheat protection inside the machine.
Handle: Very large strong handle with extra thickness to make operation more comfortable and smooth. Safety lock on handle.
Pressing operations: The handle lifts up automatically, to safely protect fabrics from overheating. It’s unique pressing system makes ironing even easier and smoother.
Water tank & anti-scale water filter: Water tank has a massive capacity of 800ml. Unique anti-scale filter to extend lifetime of machine and steam function. Very easy to replace water filter cartridge. The tank can be taken out completely for easy refill. The tank can be filled whilst ironing. Water tank indicator shows clear water level.
Superior Ironing Board: Shape and size is ideal for all the family’s laundry. Shirt buttons, zippers, etc. press down into the padding of the board.
User Friendly Controls: Clear and simple pressure and temperature selector controls for ease of use.
Pressure Sensitive Handle: Fingertip pressure is all that is required. Our presses then apply their own pressure to the garment.
New Supertherm Heating Plate: Minimises heat radiation – cooler for the user.
Plenty Of Space At The Back Of The Board: Makes ironing sheets and tablecloths so simple.
Low Power Use: Our presses use very little energy, about the same as a normal iron, thanks to its special heating plate.

Speedypress 100HD Heavy Duty Steam Ironing Press 101CM Features

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