Juki MO-734DE



Product Description

Dassle your family & friends with design innovations using the Juki MO-734DE
Creat the latest sophisticated styles, trendy sportswear, stretchy activewear, adorable childrenswear, decorative home fashions and more! with the MO-734DE you can expand your sewing capabilities with a wide range of 2/3/4 thread overlock stitch variations.
The MO-734DE can handle all types of fabric from the ultra light weight to heavy weight, and the most difficult-to-feed fabrics. Achieve virtually every overlocker technique and decorative stitch you’ve imagined with the MO-734DE.

Juki MO-734DE Features

Easy to follow Colour-Coded Thread Guides
Threading the MO-734DE is simple. The thread paths are colour-coded and clearly marked.

Easy Built-In Roll Hem
Achieve a beautiful rolled edge very easily by moving the lever on the needle plate towards youand adjusting one of the tension dials

Bright Light
Lighting on the MO-734DE provides optimum lighting to the fabric and needle area

Easy to Adjust Stitch length
Adjustable Stitch Length within the range of 1- 4mm, by turning thedial conveniently located on the right-hand exterior of the machine

Differential Feed
Differential feed isto ensure that you always have a perfect seam. The differential feed also gives you the capability to gather lightweight fabrics and give you a lettuce leaf edge on different texture fabrics using the rolled hem facility.

Heavy Duty Knife System
The knife system on the MO-734DE operates with a dedicated drive to assure consistent and easy cutting for both light and heavy fabrics

Quick Width Cutting Adjustments
The lower Knife Adjustment knob adjusts the lower knife quickly to change the width of fabric in the seam allowance, for perfect seams and rolled edges

Multi-Purpose Foot
The Multi-Purpose Foot, Standard on the MO-734DE, allows you to create overlock stitches and add tape, elastic, ribbbon or sequins to your creations. Snap-on presser feet mean that you can easily change from the mulit-purpose foot on one of the Juki Specialty feet and expand the creative potentional of the MO-734DE

Overlock Precision
The built-in seam guide takes the guess work out of seam allowances. Use the conveniently located gauge on the guard cover.This will give you accurate seam allowances while your overlocking

Sewing speed: 1,500 s.p.m
Number of threads: 2/3/4 threads
Standard Overlock width: Left Needle: 7mm / Right needle: 5mm / Rolled hem 2mm
Stitch Length: 1 to 4mm (standard 2.5mm / Rolled hem 1 – 1.5mm)
Differential feed: 0.7 – 2.0 Ratio
Built-in roll hemming: Right (narrow) or Left (wide) Needle / 2 or 3 thread
Decorative Flatlock: Right or Left Needle / 2 or 3 thread
Knife system: Heavy duty upper and lower knife system
Presser foot lift: 5mm

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