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PREMIER+™ ULTRA is the ultimate Embroidery software system, providing unlimited possibilities to design your ideas! Create designs automatically from clipart or photos, make a quilt block in a few clicks or create amazing lace or special stitching techniques.

The PREMIER+™ ULTRA package contains the complete range of PREMIER+™ Embroidery software, wizards, fonts and embroideries, including five exclusive modules and 100 special bonus designs.

PREMIER+™ PhotoStitch
Embroider wonderful family quilts, framed pictures and much more, all automatically from your own treasured photos.
Obtain pictures directly from social media and sites (Facebook®, Instagram®, Flickr®, Twitter®).
A step-by-step wizard helps you create portraits of any size. Make it perfect with a selection of 450+ decorative frames, corners and side pieces, and 75 border shapes.
Includes six monochrome linear and linear artistic effects to create single-color embroidery, as well as color, heritage sepia, grayscale, and color tile stitch effects. Adjust the density of your portrait for different effects.
Improve your photos by removing background areas and red-eye. Use image effects and painting tools to adjust your pictures for perfect results.
PREMIER+™ Family Tree
Create embroidery charts automatically from your own family history. Watch your chart grow as you enter the info!

Use the wizard in PREMIER+™ EXTRA to create a family tree embroidery chart quickly and easily, then add pictures and info whenever you choose in PREMIER+™ Family Tree.
Enter your own family details or import gedcom files (.ged) from other genealogy software.
Embroider information and pictures for each person or family.
Obtain pictures directly from social media and sites (Facebook®, Instagram®, Flickr®, Twitter®).
Embellish your portraits and lettering with beautiful decorative frames and flourishes.
The ribbon bar makes PREMIER+™ Family Tree so easy to use — all related features are grouped together intuitively.
PREMIER+™ Create
Create the perfect embroidery with unlimited design capabilities.

A streamlined creation process still gives you total control: trims, movement and tie stitches are added automatically. Use grouping features to assemble designs easily.
Special effects such as multicolor gradient fill, and new multigradient and multicolor satin, help you create eye-catching designs! Visualize appliqué fabric pieces as you create your designs.
Embroider your imagination with lace features such as Richelieu bars and crosshatch fill. Now includes curved crosshatch fill, too!
Improved Echo fill feature automatically generates a shadow effect. Hundreds of specialty fill pattern options include contour, radial, spiral, shape, QuiltStipple, MultiWave and more.
Choose from one of 75 shapes to use any way you wish: fill, line, and appliqué.
Embellish designs with your own machine stitch motifs or design your own motifs.
The ribbon bar makes PREMIER+™ Create so easy to use — all related features are grouped together intuitively.
PREMIER+™ Sketch
Release your inner artist and “draw” your own stitch paintings.

Create embroidery stitches as if you are using a pencil or paintbrush.
Add free motion embroidery highlights and texture to your favorite pictures, fabrics and designs.
Print and embroider your masterpiece at the touch of a button.
Embroider your signature or use the calligraphy feature.
Sketch straight or curved lines with the “Standard” stitch creation tools: create perfectly regulated running, triple and motif line plus satin lines of varying width.
PREMIER+™ Font Create
Create your own Fonts and SuperDesigns to use in the PREMIER+™ Embroidery System.

Create complex fonts, or modify fonts produced in the PREMIER+™ QuickFont Wizard from TrueType® and OpenType® fonts on your computer.
You can even make multicolor and multi–pattern fonts.
The ribbon bar makes PREMIER+™ Font Create so easy to use — all related features are grouped together intuitively.
PREMIER+™ Explorer Plug-in
PREMIER+™ Thread Cache
PREMIER+™ Card Shop
PREMIER+™ Modify
PREMIER+™ Design Aligner
PREMIER+™ Cross Stitcher
700+ standard embroideries
100 exclusive bonus designs
1300+ SuperDesigns
175+ specialty fonts
700+ frame and flourish options
700+ motifs
250+ fill patterns
600+ greeting card templates
375+ clipart images
6000+ garment, quilt block and fabric backgrounds
1500+ decorations (crystals, nailheads, sequins & beads)
4 User’s Guides

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